DirecTV is Number One for Television Programming

When I decided to buy a TV, I had to decide if I wanted to get cable or satellite television programming. Up until that point, I had always watched my favorite shows on my computer, but I have recently gotten interested in football. Since there are laws against showing these games in their entirety online, I knew that I needed to get a TV and programming. I went to the cable company’s website as well as so I could compare the two companies. I wanted to see not only about the programming but the prices as well.

The cable company had a promotion for new customers, but it was only valid for six months. In comparison, DirecTV had an offer for new customers that meant my programming would be cheaper for 24 months. I looked at the prices for each company after the promotions would end, and the satellite company was still cheaper. Even better, there were more channels overall in the package that I was going to get. I thought that I was just going to get my local channels with the satellite package and watch the games on there.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that I would be getting some free things with my subscription. I would be able to see every single NFL game that is played because of the Sunday Ticket package, which I got for free for the first year. I won’t watch that many games, but it is nice to be able to see the better games, even when they aren’t on my local channels. I was also able to sample all of the premium movie channels. I was given a free three month subscription to all of them, and that allowed me to pick the one that I did want to pay for. With customer service like this, it is no wonder that DirecTV is number one.

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