Getting the Latest in Visuals

My old PC monitor has been used for 10 years. It was one of the top of the line monitors at the time I bought it, but now it’s pretty outdated. I decided to replace it with a new monitor that could better take advantage of all of the graphical advancements that have happened this decade. The latest monitors are being offered in 4K resolutions, which is a huge bump from the 900p on my old monitor. I saw a 144hz monitor that looked absolutely stunning and I just had to have it.

Games look amazing on my new monitor. I have the graphics settings up to the max and the games look so great that it feels like I’m actually inside of them. Movies look great as well. I remember when I first got my monitor and was amazed at how everything looked when compared to the lower definition CRT monitor I had before it. Compared to that, the 4K resolution of the monitor is an even bigger leap. I can see every little detail in the movies that I watch, down to the pores on the skin of the actors. I never realized how many imperfections these actors had before.

I expect the monitor to last for 10 years, maybe a little more, based on how long the other monitor lasted. Although it seems like the advancement of technology has slowed down a little in recent years, I have a feeling that we’ll be able to achieve higher screen resolutions than beyond what is available now, outside of something like the screen at a movie theater. I’ll eventually have to upgrade my computer again to match so that I can play more games at high settings and playback movies without any stutter. It’s a pretty great time to be a tech enthusiast.

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