Hoverboards Are the Gift to Get This Year

I really cannot understand the appeal of them, but what do you do when your kids are wanting hoverboards? I am not even really a fan of the name. They do not really hover, they have wheels. However, I do understand the marketing. I figured that as long as the kids wear the same protective gear they do when they ride their bicycles, then they should be okay. We have a rule in our house. If you do not wear your protective gear, you lose riding privileges. I was looking for a hoverboard price so that we could get three of them. It is tough having triplets who all want the same thing.

We do the sharing route for some things, and it really has helped them bond and be considerate of one another. However, for some things we need to get three of each. Funny thing is that they all like different colors too. You would think being so similar they would also want the same color in everything. I guess that is them exercising their own individuality. Anyway, we had the kids borrow a hoverboard from a friend to demonstrate it to us. They are all very good at riding them. It is uncanny how natural they are on the little machines. I would not attempt to get on one without safety gear and an anti-fall harness.

We are not sure how much the kids will be using them, but we did want them to have new hoverboards as gifts. It was an easy choice to make it a birthday gift as it was coming up really soon. This way they did not have to wait too long before they could be zooming around the neighborhood on their new hoverboards. I see more and more of them out now. However, I am a bit dismayed to see some parents letting their children ride them without safety gear. Our kids will be in helmets, knee and elbow pads and gloves when riding them. No exceptions!

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