Started to Think About a Home Theater System

Of course you can really go over the top if you are not careful, so I am going to start out by looking for the very best cyber monday tv deals in 2014 on very large screen TV sets. I am thinking something over sixty inches in size. I was over at a friend’s house the other day and he had a sweet set up. It made me envy him pretty good. He and his dad had built a big cabinet in the wall and mounted s 55″ Samsung smart TV on the wall above it. They had done a pretty good job on the sound proofing and the design of the sound system. It had one of those 7 speaker surround sound systems and it was quite close to the experience that you get in a real movie theater.

In fact he had networked the entire system to his computer network and so he had a big library of DVD’s and blu rays stored on a couple of those massive external storage devices. I think they call it NAS or something like that. You could not see any of that though. The computer he was using was hidden in the cabinet, although I am not really sure that he was giving it enough air. He said it did not need any because it was designed to not generate the sort of heat that many PC’s do. Of course I have seen some computers that spew out more heat than an electric space heater. They are literally wasting electric power by generating that sort of heat to no effect. At least that does you no good. The newest systems do not even need to be cooled down, because the latest computer chips are a lot more efficient and do not generate much heat.

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