The Expectation of Being You

The burning question that exists for nearly every single person is, ‘What should I do with my life?’. I think each and every single one of us has gone through a phase where we simply have no idea what we want to do. When we place so much expectation on one another, as a culture and society, with our higher education often defining what we will do in the future, it can be a stressful experience that many of us never grow from. There was a time I wanted DJ gear so I could learn to DJ. There was also a time when I seriously considered Marine Biology, too.

In fact, I can think back now and recall all the fields and subjects which held my interest yet in the end I settled on something as simple as English and Literature instead. Even now I really have no idea as to what I want ‘to do’ with my life – I feel like I only exist. I don’t have any goals or plans or a future that is laid out for me like most of my friends seem to do. They have a goal in mind with a path that leads right to it but I don’t.

Is that good? Is it bad? Does it even matter? I like to think that any path is viable as long as you find yourself happy while you’re on it. Yet, when you take a path that has a definitive end, what are you supposed to do when you reach that end? What comes after the fact? Do you just lay down another path to follow all over again? In doing so, are you limiting your worldly experience? Are you taking the time to enjoy the world around you? Are you even trying to learn new things?

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