What Could Be Next in Cellular and Mobile Computing Products?

The size factor of mobile computing is elusive. There is a goal to find the perfect size of device that will be the crossover point that will serve the needs of those who want phone, tablet and laptop functionality in one device. As processors get more powerful and screen technology gets more advanced, options open up. The next big need to fill is a battery technology that will run bright high definition screens for hours along with a processor running at full tilt while making the batteries even smaller. Just a few years ago the size of the batteries needed to power today’s devices would make them huge by comparison. Power supplies that can be folded into tiny spaces and recharged for many more cycles than previous technology is what makes today’s devices even possible.

Apple has a hit with its iPhone and iPad. Google continues to develop its Android operating system to compete with Apple’s, but has not yet won out in the production of the hardware to run the OS like Apple has. The Kindle Fire proved that there is a huge market for a content consumption device. Maybe Google’s Nexus 7 will grab a big piece of that market share. It remains to be seen though because Google is now just beginning to make headway in getting app developers to follow a system of rules for the look and feel of apps. Apple has always had a higher standard in that department.

An interesting thing to note is that back in the heyday of Kmart and Sears being the big retail department store giants there came along a guy out of Arkansas who started a store that began with the first three letters of his last name and ended in “mart.” That retail giant took over and now Sears and Kmart are struggling. Amazon was the online retail giant that took over the Internet market place for selling practically everything under the sun when there was the big dot com business failures. This is a pattern that will be repeated. It may not be long that some guy comes along with a product that will take over the mobile and personal computing markets by storm to the point that the big guys now will only be a memory.

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